Monday, July 20, 2015

The Secrets of Attraction PLAYLIST (and a Goodreads giveaway!)

The creative tempers and larger than life personalities of musicians are endlessly fascinating to me. 

What I loved most about writing THE SECRETS OF ATTRACTION was exploring the dynamic between the members of Jesse's band, Yellow #5. I wanted to write the story of a garage band, that may or may not make it out of the garage, whose biggest claim to fame might be vying for the top prize in a battle of the bands (which was pretty huge when I was in high school!).  My favorite aspect of Jesse's part of the story is how he, Tanner and Grayson become not only bandmates but friends through the course of the book, and it becomes their band.  Maybe they'll go onto bigger and better, or maybe they won't - but I suspect they will remain tight.

What's a book about music without a playlist? Some of this playlist I put together as I was writing - I listened to a lot of AM! The songs represent some of the moods both Madison and Jesse experience throughout the book and ends on a hopeful note!  Hope you enjoy it!!

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