Friday, January 31, 2014

Debut Talk and January Roundup!

My January began with a snow storm and ended with one as well.   In between, I found myself wearing flip-flops and a light throw one day and Uggs and a parka on the next. Even the weather in my debut month was a roller coaster. Well played, Mother Nature! I was up in New Jersey for my debut - which worked out great because I was able to celebrate with my family and friends.

I began my debut celebration the night before with my some friends I've known since high school! We all shared dinner and a good cry when I showed them my acknowledgements.  I've been blessed with so many amazing people along the journey, but these are the gals who knew me when and being able to just relax and mark this occasion with them meant the world to me!  

On my debut day, aka New Year's Eve - I went out early with some family to a local Barnes and Noble, with plans of taking photos of me with TPofA on the shelves and then going out to lunch.  I walked into the bookstore a little teary eyed, because guys...this is a dream come true and something I've been working toward for a very long time.  So at the prospect of seeing my book on the shelves, I was all like this:

We rode the escalator up to the Young Adult section...looked...and looked...and looked...and looked some more, that's when it went from best day ever to this:

Not exactly the stuff of dreams...

...but then my eagle eyed offspring found my book!!
On a cart!!
Ready to be shelved!!

Look - I'm under The Book of Love by Lynn Weingarten! (And Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins!!)  So I'm in good company.  :)    All in all, a nice, low-key way to celebrate my debut!!  Since then friends have texted me pictures when they see it on the shelves.  Every time I have to pinch myself.  For reals.

Aside from trying to keep warm  and searching for my book on the shelves - here's a roundup of where I've been on the blogosphere for the month of January: - The Promise of Amazing was reviewed on HYPABLE!!   This review made my heart sing <3   Thank you!!

Pat Esden - Mythmaker -  Patty asked some great questions!  We talked about writing from dual perspectives and also which spot my characters would pick as the most romantic place in the world! (you might be surprised!)

Hanging On To Wonder - I chatted with fellow One Four member Jaye Robin Brown about backstory and cupcake hangovers!  Jaye is the author of the forthcoming NO PLACE TO FALL - a sweet, poignant contemporary set in the South.  It'll be out in December 2014 - put it on your TBR pile!!

Adventures in YA Publishing - A guest post about perseverance in publishing!!  Thanks to Martina Boone for letting me share some wisdom from my journey.

Bows & Bullets Book Reviews and More - Tabitha was at my Charlotte signing - I can't tell you how great it was to meet her!!  Book bloggers are awesome!!   Here's a recap of my signing from her POV AND a video clip of me reading from The Promise of Amazing.

The Author's Voice - I had the chance to speak to fellow One Four Kate Boorman for her "author's voice" series.  This was a fun way to do an interview and we had to contend with some howling Canadian wind!  AND I also read an excerpt from TPofA.  Kate's book WINTERKILL will be out Fall of 2014.  Another one to put on your TBR list!  Sounds delightfully eerie!!

There are also some fun TPofA extras over on

The Official Jersey Playlist for The Promise of Amazing

Which 80's rom-com is your love life?     (I'm Say Anything!)

Happy Friday!!  Stay warm and curl up with a good book!!

Robin <3

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Monday, January 6, 2014

The Lovestruck Tour!!


This is the news I've been waiting to share!  I'm thrilled to announce that I'll be on a five stop Southeastern tour this February with three AMAZING authors:  Megan Shepherd, Kasie West and Megan Miranda!!  And we want to share our passion for books with YOU!

Not on one of the stops?  You still have the chance to win an awesome prize pack of signed books and swag!!   For details on the giveaway and the tour stops here's the official LOVESTRUCK TOUR website.

Robin <3