Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Three Chances to win a signed hardcover of THE SECRETS OF ATTRACTION!!

The Secrets of Attraction releases in LESS THAN A WEEK!  A coffee shop, cute baristas and the many delicious hot beverages they serve up play a big role in the story, so to celebrate I’m spreading the book and coffee love with a giveaway: 

Two ways to enter:

1) Share a description of your favorite hot beverage and/or place to enjoy it!
 2) Take a photo of your favorite hot drink and/or place to enjoy it!!

Share it on Twitter or Instagram through April 28th using the hashtag #SecretsofAttraction

Yes, it’s really that simple.  Here’s mine:

The giveaway runs from now until April 28th!  Then I’ll randomly choose THREE winners from the hashtag to receive a signed copy of THE SECRETS OF ATTRACTION, an adorable mug and some chocolate covered espresso beans!

US mailing addresses only please!

The Secrets of Attraction is on sale APRIL 28th!!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

#TBT: Fly, Be Free

*originally published on The Paper Wait, August 21, 2013

As I sit here on this rainy morning pondering what words of wisdom I'm going to lay on you, my lovely Paper Wait readers, I realize no matter what I say, I will most likely fall spectacularly short. Confession: at the moment I'm feeling a bit empty, maybe even melancholy.

This past weekend, my son went off to college for the first time.  And many feels.

I know this is a great thing.  An important transition. A LIFE moment. And I'm proud and thrilled for him.  I'm also sad. I hardly feel old enough to have a son in college - seriously, weren't we just filling up his Pokedex?  I miss him - the telltale grinding of the garage door opening as he loped in from school or the rustling sound as he rifled through the fridge or of his laughter ringing through the house.  Sometimes he'd walk in, completely zoned out in some podcast he was listening to and disappear until dinner and other times he would burst through the door, plant a purposely sloppy kiss on my cheek and ask how the writing was going.  His presence in our home was palpable.

So, too, is his absence.

Oddly, this LIFE transition coincides with one of my own writing milestones.  I just sent back first pass pages for THE PROMISE OF AMAZING.  First pass is one step closer to being completely finished.  It's proofing the typeset pages with a critical eye and making it perfect.  You would think at this point I'd be so over Wren and Grayson I couldn't deal with them again.  And part of me does feel that way.

The other part of me wants to make sure they are leaving the house with emergency money and clean underwear. (The Post-its represent places I'm changing things!)

As hard as it is to do it, for both my firstborn and my first book, letting go is an inevitable part of life.  It's not necessarily a bad thing; gut-wrenching, maybe, but it also opens up a door for new energies to come in.  My son will meet friends who will appreciate his uniqueness and his lovely, lovely laugh.  My characters will go out into the world and hopefully find readers who are captivated by them as much as I am.  Are either of those things guaranteed?

That's what makes letting go so exciting and terrifying.  But, if you listen long enough, there's something else in that silence after goodbye - the whispers of new characters.  New places. New and ever-evolving relationships.

It's time.

How do you cope with letting go?

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Springtime, Signings and Swag - Oh My!

It’s spring, which means in a few short weeks my new book THE SECRETS OF ATTRACTION will be on the shelves!   Take a look at this gorgeous swag designed by Amber from Me, Myshelf and I.   I love the colors on this cover so much!  I had to take a picture with some pink magnolia blossoms as the backdrop.  So pretty! (and check out that swoony kiss!)

If you’d like a bookmark, drop me an email with your details at and I’ll be happy to send one (or a few) your way!

Want to take TSoA for a test drive?  Here are the links to The Secrets of Attraction excerpt tour!  THANK YOU so much to the amazing bloggers who participated!!! Seriously, hug a blogger today, they are made of pure awesome!!

Pandora's Books  (first stop!)

I’m also doing some book signings to celebrate my launch:

Tuesday, April 28th
Malaprop’s Bookstore/CafĂ©
Asheville, NC

Co-launch with the fabulous Amy Reed (INVINCIBLE) and Delilah S. Dawson (HIT) with special guest star Jaye Robin Brown (NO PLACE TO FALL)

Saturday, May 2nd
Park Road Books
Charlotte, NC

Featuring me, Amy Reed and Jaye Robin Brown
Hope to see you there!!

And last but not least THE PROMISE OF AMAZING is out in paperback!!  Perfect size for travel or  stowing away in your backpack, carry-on tote or beach bag!!  

Happy spring!!  Happy reading!!  More fun announcements coming soon!!

Robin <3