Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What's Up Wednesday?

What's up Wednesday is a weekly meme started by Jaime Morrow and Erin L. Funk.  This awesome blog hop is a fun way to keep up with what your writer and reader buds are doing.  If you wish to participate you can find the link near the bottom of Jaime and Erin's blog posts.  LOVE this idea!!!


I am giggling my way through Lauren Morrill's MEANT TO BE.   This book is so much fun.  "Wooooooo!"


Well...not much at the moment but I'm thinking a lot.  I know this sounds a lot like procrastination, but truthfully the thinking/dreaming part of my process is just as important as any other. Although I do get really impatient with it - especially when I go on Twitter and see the amazing word counts some of my writer pals have been clocking.  I have to remind myself that I'll be there soon.  I will.   I just came off of two months in the revision trenches and always find the transition from revising to drafting a little challenging.  I also have to remind myself to have fun with the first draft.  Play.  I will tell you this.  It's YA.  And told from the POV of a character I adore and a new character I'm falling in love with and I'm really looking forward to it!!


Being in New Jersey.  The night-time sky.  The chance to see the Atlantic Ocean up close and personal again.  Oh, and pizza.


My small, all-girl, private high school is closing its doors after 88 years.  In order to raise funds to settle some still outstanding bills, the alumni association had a multi-year class reunion.  Class reunions are not my thing.  I'm still besties with a handful of girls from my school so there hasn't been any reason to go back.  It's amazing though how all those old insecurities appear when the word 'reunion' pops up but the timing was right, so we decided to go for it.   I am soooooooo glad I did this!!  The reunion was held at the school and walking those halls, as an adult (with a glass of wine in hand) was oddly dream-like.  And so much FUN.

Here's me at my senior year locker:

And a photo of the hallway - I swear I still have nightmares, err, I mean, dreams where I forget my schedule and I don't know what class I"m heading to, but suddenly remember I'm not in high school anymore so I don't have to worry about detention...

I've also been to the Jersey shore doing my bit to boost the economy after Superstorm Sandy...

And putting my toes in the sand....

What have you been up to??

<3 Robin


  1. Getting ready to go to ALA in Chicago next week! Part of me wishes I had given myself the gift of time to write and putter in my sorely neglected garden but I know it will be a blast.

    1. Wow! ALA sounds worth missing the other stuff!! Have an awesome time!

  2. First-- just saw your post below and your cover is so cute! I have yet to try a reunion-- I'm usually so far away that it doesn't work out logistically. I agree it's important to think about a work before diving in. That really works for me, too.

  3. What awesome fun! I haven't been back to any of my reunions, but that's because I live 9 hours away and they are always at the wrong time. Maybe one day! Also, I'm very jealous of your beach outings! Hope you have a great week! And enjoy the dreamy WiP stage! That's always fun!

  4. The timing of my trip was perfect for this... I'm so glad it worked out! It really was a lot of fun!

  5. Sad to hear about your school, but class reunions are always fun! I went to one a couple of years ago for my senior school's anniversary. It was very nostalgic!

    Daydreaming parts of stories is one of my favourite things to do. Have fun!

  6. Thinking is definitely just as important, often while thinking/dreaming I figure a lot of things out. Good luck with your weekly goals :)

  7. I have yet to go to any reunions, not because I'm so young (sadly that is not the reason) but my class has never gotten it together enough to have one. The one I almost went to was cancelled by the time I found out about it, and I am pretty easy to find on Facebook and am friends with a lot of high school friends on there, so I'm not sure why the planners couldn't get the word out in time. My mom tends to keep me updated on all sorts of people I barely remember since she knows their parents!

    Also, I think that thinking time is super essential to a story. The Save the Cat! screenwriting book talks about that--the brainstorming, thinking, planning stages are crucial to know you've got something before just jumping in, writing and then realizing you don't have a story that really works. I say, go ahead and think away.

  8. Thinking and processing is a very important part of the process for me! Well, that's what I tell people so they think I'm working hard when really I'm daydreaming about that cute guy I saw crossing the street earlier...uh, what was I saying? :)

  9. I'm trying to transition myself from the thinking/dreaming stage to the drafting stage, too. I've spent months planning it in my head while finishing up grad school and thought that as soon as I graduated, I'd be writing non-stop. Well, that hasn't happened, because there's just still so much I need to figure out. But I definitely know how you feel seeing people on Twitter talk about their word counts and having a little flame of jealousy. It doesn't last long, cause I am so happy for everyone else who is making such great progress. And like you said, I know it will come for me as well.

    Toes in the sand; one of the best feelings in the world, I think! :)

  10. Thinking about the book and the story is I think also quite important to writing. It´s building the anticipation and the words and a way of outlining without outlining...

    That reunion sounds like fun and yes for toes in the sand!

  11. I didn't go back to my high school reunion. The idea kind of made me nauseated. Not that I hated high school because I didn't. I just think I would rather remember the people what they were like instead of what they are like now. Ha! I love to daydream about stories but writing them down is kind of a struggle. Good luck with your writing. Have a great weekend!

  12. I loved Meant to Be, such a fun read!
    I still live in my hometown, but I've never gone to any of my reunions.
    My high school nightmare was always standing at my locker with only minutes to get to class and completely forgetting the combination.
    Good luck with the new story as it comes together in your head =)

  13. So glad I'm not the only one who does a lot of 'thinking' before writing!!